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and shut down roads. power still out for thousann the bay area... where p-g-and-e is still trying tt the lights on tonight. the storms passes but problems persist. where sinkholes have opened. where pg&e is still trying to get the lights back on tonight. >> some of you had double digit rainfall over a five day period. coming up, why is there not going to be a storm number 4. good evening. days of rain taking their toll tonight in several bay area communities.
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one of the biggest problems is a giant sinkhole in lafayette. it is more than a traffic issue, don? >> reporter: a huge headache for this area. a large hole, not only disrupted water and sewage for most of the day but now, because of perhaps massive rain a power transformer has blown adding more troubles. and health and safety for the families that live here. the wash out. and spared the gas line. it is blamed for the stretch. of traffic. water sprays continuously from a huge waterline. the road is closed and now filled with a dozen trucks that crews will fix utilities and begin work on the road. rain may of played a role in
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this accident on highway 24. captured by the cameraman. he was shooting one accident when this one erupted in his field of view. an suv clipped a fire truck and flipped over and struck six people including three firefighters from the fire department. they suffered various injuriesip cluding broken bones. >> we will not comment on their conditions but they were conscious and awake and talking when they left the sweep. >> reporter: rain opened up a large pothole. as many as two dozen cars hit it ripping open and flattening their tires. it was on westbound highway 4. the crews shutdown the lane while they made emergency repairs. >> all of a sudden i hear a lot thump. i was not sure what was going on. then i came outside and i saw like, 10 more cars the same problem all of them had flat tires. >> it is is not cheer when the water and the sewage and now the power will be restored. this are crews from just about every involved agency here tonight determined to work
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around-the-clock to get it done. >> the heavy rain left its mark in the santa cruise mountains. it opened up near the summit on highway 29. cbs reporter gives us the look at that crater. >> the dirt underneath gave way just before noon and one entire lane vanished. as bad as the damage looks from the surface the remainer of the roadway remains in jeopardy as there is nothing underneath sup porting the pavement. >> within a few minutes the cracks, big pieces of asphalt, going, sliding down the hills. >> she lives so close to the road there were several lost trees in the collapse as debris rolled downhill. >> you can see the whole road is undermined. a lot of water flowing through. we lost half of the road. >> he caught some of the early damage on his phone.
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the rain overnight was very heavy. some came out to get a look, concerned about the impact of the road closure my lived here almost half my life and never seen this before. in the younger days we went to school here. >> unusual. >> it is. it is. it is, wow. >> the river staid within its banks near the covered bridge. an area that is flooded. >> residents were watching the river carefully. >> it rained hard last night. came up high. pretty good storm. and signs of norm alsoy after the rains as ed finally went out for a walk. >> it was woring down. off and on. when it was not it was raining harder. >> the county road crews will be here in the morning to get the assessment. how long the road will be closed is simply not known.
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>> cbs 5. >> we will be getting a much- needed reprieve from the rain. this is what many people in the bay area woke up to. blowing sheets of rain. this was sent to us from daly city westlake neighborhood this morning. some places higher up, 80 miles an hour. for the most part drivers were facing puddles. as we showed you earlier, potholes. this is the scene in walnut creek. major ponding causing hazards and extra gripping. where it was not water it was strong wind causing problems. this broken power poll in san francisco's sunset district left 8500 people without electricity. it was just one of many areas where trees or power polls brought down electrical lines. >> the latest numbers on outages show a total of 4200 homes without power. 1400 are in the north bay. 900 in the east bay. just under 1200 in the south
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bay. 700 on the peninsula and just 60 p in san francisco. -- just 60 in san francisco. then the rain ended and it was sunny all afternoon. this is another worry for the coming days as we begin to dry out. the ground is now heavy from all of the water. let's check in with our meteorologist to check on the rain. >> a lot of rainfall that we are talking about. first storm total i am going toy show you, 10.2 inches in napa county. kent field, 9.9 inches of rain. danville you had nearly 8 inches. arinda, 7.24. sanfrancisco, the airport, 4 inches of rain, oakland, 3.5. you get the point, a lot of water falling from the sky. but none tonight. hi-def doplar showing clearing conditions. it will stay clear through the
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night. heavy rain is done. a clear night. areas of fog developing. so much water in the ground. this is some rain in the workweek forecast. not going to be dry. but, coming up in weather. we will talk about why that is just rain and not storm number 4. this is a huge difference coming up in a couple of minutes. >> all right, paul, don't forget, you can track any storm any time from home with our live hi-def doplar radar. it is on our web site. well, those heavy rain showers made for an interesting sight at the oakland coliseum. crews were out there early this morning. getting the water off of the tarp before the raiders game. more on how the raiders faired after the field was mopped and highlights of the 49ers incredible rephafpl in st. louis coming up on game day at 11:30. -- rematch in st. louis coming up on "game day" at 11:30. now, tomorrow, the owners here will make a number of
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improvements to the historic building over the next 10 years for a tax break. supervisors will occur plans to chose four more fire stations. the chief says it is necessary after a failure of a partial tax hike to fund the district. they are looking at closing four to save $3 million. san jose's police chief says he will decide, before he leaves office next month, to allow expanded gaming at the casino card club. the owners want to open more tables on the 8th floor. the 15 million facility. the owners are suing the city for holding up permits to open up the club earlier this year. >> the the supreme court could announce tomorrow if it will hear appeals on several cases involved same sex marriage. one is an appeal from the defenders of proposition 8. the initiative banning gay marriage that has been struck down in lower courts. in the invests decide to let
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the rulings of the lower court stand same sex marriage will be legal in california. five challenges to the defense -- five challenges of the defensive marriage act are being challenged. no sign of a compromise on the taxes. the treasure secretary's latest threat. >> reporter: with the clock ticking in washington in the fiscal cliff looming closer by the day. the treasure secretary says the white house will only agree to a plan that including higher tax rates. >> if they are going to force higher rates on virtually all- americans, because they are want thing tax rates to go up on 2% that is a choice they will have to make. >> calling for an additional $1.6 trillion in tax revenue. cuts to medicare and $50 billion in stimulus spend
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approximating. he insists the bush tax cuts must expire for the healthyy individuals. >> it is carefully designed mix of savings and tax reforms to put us back on a path to stabilizing our debt and living within our means. >> the republicans did not welcome the proposal. >> i was disappointed by the proposal. i think it say rerun of the budget proposal. the revenue is 1.6 trillion in revenue and tax increases. >> and expressing frustration -- and they are expressing frustration. >> i would say we are nowhere, period, nowhere. >> reporter: they disagree pointing out the administration did offer $600 billion in cuts to health care and other programs. he he remains optimistic a deal will be made. back to you. a kitchen remodel with an unusual goal. >> you have to support what you believe in. >> reporter: how one woman fought to buy only american made products and the price she paid. and good news for the
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about 150 concrete panels fl from the roof --crushing cas below and sparking a fire. s happened about 50 miles wesf a tunnel collapse leaving 9 dead. panels fell from the roof crushing carses from below. it happened 50 miles west of tokyo. east coast woman is paying a painful price for sticking to her convictions. shemented a kitchen remodel only american made products. cbs reporter cheryl atkinson on the challenge to stick with home grown products. >> reporter: kitchen remodels can be daunting. when eva decided to fix up her home she add an extra challenge. >> everything from now on i am going to put in my kitchen is going to be american made. >> reporter: that was good news for the owners of this cabinet work local carp entree company. they used regional wood and
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made to order. >> most people two into lowes and pick a cabinet and go with it. >> for the last seven years they have only seen their business grow thanks in part for customers who make the effort to buy nearby. >> you can get it from someone local they take more time and pride in the product and you get a better, nicer cab in the and keep your money in the local area. >> but, buying local is not always easy. in the last 10 years the u.s. cut more than 3.5 million manufacturing jobs. making many expensive and hard to find. >> local and american. [ laughter ] >> oh, good. that is great. >> reporter: yes, the smallest parts of the project. she found a store carrying american made hardware the cost was almost overwhelming. >> when i decided on this i thought it would be in my budget. but it was $2500. >> yes. rough he. >> yes. $2500 and i budgeted around $700. >> reporter: but she bought the u.s. version any way and
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had them installed alongside her ge appliances, models made in the u.s. it took longer and cost $3,000 to $4,000 more but the result was worth it. >> you have to support what you believe in. >> reporter: better product made closer to home. >> keeping the dream alive! >> reporter: back to you. the flood threat for the truckie river is over tonight. flooding that was expected. never happened. that is because the storm turned out to be colder than expected. turning rain to snow and troping snow levels to 7,000 feet. >> so, scary things. if you live on a river, bad things can happen. so, i mean, i always -- i wish -- i was being alert. >> truckie river is now expected to crest below flood stage. paul is joining us, again, there is another storm on the way. he is telling us not to be afraid. >> this one is different. we are going to get a break. regular rain is fine. what we dealt with the past
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couple of days, not fine. a lot of you had headaches. we will continue to. thankfully there are no additional big storms heading towards san francisco or anywhere in the bay area. a beautiful shot here. the lights in the center going to get chilly out there. the temperatures dropping rapidly. santa rose a5. concord, 46. seems to be that we are getting back to regular december programming quickly. it is long and chilly nights. take a look at the rainfall in san francisco. more than four inches over the past five days, specifically, 4.5 inches. more than we see for the entire month of december. we had over the past 5 days. that is a lot of water in a short amount of time. nothing falling from the sky tonight. we are showing dry conditions all of the way up to the california, oregon boarder and we will watch that general area for another chance of rainfall come wednesday. for tonight, early tomorrow.
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livermore, 45. mountain view, 40. the past couple of nights. mild. there is another storm out there. it is not going to be as tropical of a connection so we will not have as much water but the bigger thing is. notice the clouds not moving towards us. getting kicked up to the north there say reason for that kick. the kicker is a big area of high pressure that is beginning to build in just close enough to take most of the storm's energy and kick it up to the north by a couple hundred miles. will we see rainfall? yes. we will get wet on wednesday. a direct hit? no. flooding rainfall? no. most of the rain will stay to the north. could be flooding concerns for portland, south of medford. but, not for us. high pressure will deflect enough of the moisture away. we will get wet. not going to see a repeat of the flooding. not storm number 4. mainly dry through tuesday night. tomorrow a nice day to get outside. on and off rainfall on wednesday. after that, all of the models say several straight days of
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dry weather. beautiful california sunshine heading towards next weekend. always nice to look forward to next weekend. oakland, 5 degrees above average. normal high, 55. tomorrow, 64. union city, 62. san jose, 64, sunny valley, partly sunny, 63. dublin, pleasant hill,y low 60s, lows 60s for kentfield, san francisco, 61, 63 degrees, tomorrow, monday forecast is dry. tuesday, cloudier, still dry, though. wednesday, we will see reason. especially up north. another inch of rainfall. sanfrancisco, quarter of an inch of rain. thursday, dry, friday, dry. the weekend, dry. a lot more dry than wet over the next several days. so, we have earned this break. >> no kidding. >> thank you for this forecast. >> you are welcome. a tragedy in a drug war off of the california coast. one of colorado's scenic parks on fire. how the firefighters are dealing with the spreading flames. guard investigation into
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frusterating. once again, palmer puts the raiders in position to win a football game. we will have his reaction and show you what happened there. and we will be joined by stanford football coach, shaw, as they head to the rose bowl. all coming up next on gameday ♪ aids is not going to take my baby. ♪
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suspected smuggling near the channel islands off the sana barbara county coast has tud tragic. a small boat deployed by the coast guard was rammed by a
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smuggler's vessel before dan today. the collision threw two coas he a coast guard investigation turns tragic. the collision through two members into the water. one of them was killed and another was injured in the incident. los angeles police say four people have been found shot to death. their bodies facedown. outside of a large home in north ridge. the home apparently served as an unlicensed boardinghouse. the detectives are looking into a motive. highway winds are a major concern as the crews try to contain a wildfire in the rockiy mountain national park. so far, it scorched -- rockiy mountain national park. it has been burning for two months but the strong winds doubled the size in the last few days. >> this is an area that is not prone to fire. but yet with the climate changes we have been experiencing, the weather patterns we have been experiencing, occasionally we get these large disruptive fires. crews have it 20% contained
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tonight. they suspect it was started by an illegal camp fire. first, video of the year. now, another honor. santa and his helpers getting an early start. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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won big at this year's "k-pp asian music awards." his hit "gangnam style" won sonf
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the year. last week, his vio and the legend grows. winning big at this year's asian music award. his hit gangnan style. it is the most watched youtube for 2012. david letterman stupid human tricks and top 10 list are joining the ranks of america's cultural achievements. the late night comedian received the honors along with dustin hoffman and led zeppelin and buddy guy. the kennedy center honors will air on cbs the day after christmas. and the finale of "the twilight" saga held top office. "breaking dawn," "lincoln," "rising of pi" round it out. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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nats with more than 60-thousand lights... it's hard to miss. after a two- year hiatus...e caltrain "holiday train" std [cheers and applause] with more than 60,000 lights it is hard to miss it. after a two-year high eightis, the train stopped at eight stations it this weekend to collect toys for local children. during each stop, people had a chance to snap photos of santa -- with santa. all of the donations went to the salvation army. all right, not too much rain our way. be careful oned with. >>s yes. ed with a little wet. the next

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